Fat Spotlight: Ragen Chastain (Dances with Fat; IronFat)

The Fat Spotlight is a shortlist of inroads to the featured person’s work. It’ll hopefully help you avoid some of the garbage and hatred on the Internet.

Ragen’s Dances with Fat blog has archived posts going back to 2005, so there’s a lot there.  I’ll provide links to a few of the specific blogs that I’ve referred to people.

Ragen also blogs at IronFat, where she documents training for an Ironman.

If you’re interested in finding a post on a particular topic, use the Search box on Ragen’s blogs. I strongly discourage trying to do Internet searches to find Ragen’s work. You’ll instead be bombarded by hundreds, maybe thousands, of sites that exist to troll, demean, and hate on Ragen.

Ragen is interviewed here and here on Fearless Rebelle Radio (a podcast).

Tiana Dodson shares an interview with Ragen here.

Amber Carnes of Body Positive Yoga talks with Ragen here.

You can buy Ragen’s book and DVD’s here.

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