Fat Resale Stores (U.S.)

I’m fortunate to live fairly close to Fat Fancy in Portland, Oregon, and I’m partial to it. They’re doing live sales on Facebook on Thursday evenings as of December 2018, and they also do occasional sales on Instagram. The owner, Bee, is a delight, and I love supporting this business. Many fat babes make a pilgrimage to Fat Fancy when they’re in Portland, and I suggest you put it on your list, too!

Despite living in L.A. for years before I moved to the PDX area, I’ve never visited The Plus Bus in Glassell Park/Los Angeles, California, in person. I have watched a couple of their live Facebook sales, and they are a blast. So many fun fashion moments!

The rest of these plus-size resale stores are listed in no particular order as I have no personal experience with them, but the Internet says they exist and are currently in business. Leave a comment if you have any others to recommend!

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