Fat Spotlight: Bevin, Queer Fat Femme

Bevin (she/her), also known as Queer Fat Femme, in her Fat Kid Dance Party “About,” identifies “as a thought leader in the body positive, body liberation, and fat acceptance movements.”

Bevin blogs at The Queer Fat Femme’s Guide to Life and is the founder of the aforementioned Fat Kid Dance Party, which is a reclamation of joyful movement for bodies of all sizes.

I loved reading about Bevin’s journey to stock her FKDP shirts up to 6XL here. It’s so appreciated when sizing is more inclusive than the mainstream.

Check out this post, Body Shaming Trump Perpetuates Harm to All Bodies, and click through to an article that I wish more people would read.

I got to attend Fat Kids Dance Party in Portland, Oregon, hosted by Anna Chapman of Body Love Yoga. It was so fun to participate in joyful movement in community and afterward to hear about Bevin’s practice of body liberation. As Bevin instructed, “Be extra! Take up space!” (I think of this as her version of Bill & Ted’s “Be excellently each other.”)

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