Fat Spotlight: Simone Mariposa

Simone Mariposa has an eponymous website, SimoneMariposa.com, and her Instagram and twitter handles are simonemariposa. She blogs on fashion, lifestyle/self help, travel, and beauty. Her most recent post in lifestyle/self help is #5 My Relationship with the Word Fat. Also, she does a great breakdown of the term “BBW,” in I am Not Your “BBW”: Debunking Fat Stereotypes, Misconceptions, and Fetishization.

It’s vital that we center those on even the margins of fat acceptance and fat positivity, which has been dominated by white narratives. If you’re not following any of the black women who are speaking on fat acceptance and fat positivity, it’s past time to start. Simone is regularly active on social media, so give her a follow.

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