Fat Positive T-Shirts

There’s a certain hyper-visibility and simultaneous invisibility to being fat. I like to take my hyper-visibility to another level sometimes by wearing fat positive t-shirts, spreading the good news of fat acceptance and fat positivity. It isn’t always comfortable to do so; there are times when I like to use my fat superpower of invisibility to blend into the background.

Today, I wore my Chubby Cartwheels Diet Industry Dropout t-shirt while going to a brunch meetup, then to B!tch Media‘s open house, then to the Geek the Halls Holiday Craft Fair. Throughout the day, I got a lot of positive reactions to the shirt, and I happily shared the Chubby Cartwheels store over and over.

Then it happened at Geek the Halls: two women, older than me, decided that they should take my shirt as an invitation to talk about health and dieting. Past me might have felt obligated to extricate myself graciously from the situation. You know what I did? I walked away. I didn’t politely excuse myself, and I sure as hell didn’t buy anything from that booth. Nope. I walked away. I was in no way obligated to stand there and listen to them, nor to educate them. Having, knowing, and enforcing my boundaries feels amazing.

In honor of those two biddies who butted in where they had no right to, I’m sharing links to some of my favorite fat positive t-shirt designs. No affiliate links, nothing for me out of sharing these, except for the pleasure of spreading the word.

In no particular order:

Alysse Dalessandro, aka Ready to Stare, writes about her experience of wearing fat positive shirts for a week here and includes links to the shirts, too.

Do you have any favorites that are available on the Internet (preferably up to 5XL or 6XL)? Share in the comments!

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