Fat Spotlight: Comfy Fat

J, aka Comfy Fat, is a nonbinary fat activist and uses they/them pronouns.

I love how they show up with thoughtful vulnerability and boldness as they write and vlog about being nonbinary and superfat. Their pictures always make me smile, and I especially adore seeing photos of their relationship with Corissa, Fat Girl Flow. Fat love is beautiful, y’all.

This post, Letter To My Thin Friend – Dining Out, is basically perfect. I’m tired of having to do reconnaissance on restaurant seating before dining out, so, thin friends, feel free to handle that!

They just published a post about 7 Fat Musicians You Need To Listen, and I’m really looking forward to checking out the ones I didn’t already know about.

Dealing With Internet Trolls outlines a few options for how to deal and details a personal reaction to a particularly harmful comment.

Their roundup of a few Fat Positive Safe Spaces is a great reference (and includes Bevin and Fat Kid Dance Party!).

I firmly believe that fat acceptance needs to include all bodies, including non-binary and trans folks. I hope you’ll follow Comfy Fat on one or more of the above-linked sites.

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