Affirmations, Not Resolutions

This time of year is rife with “new year/new you” capitalism, much of it steeped in anti-fat rhetoric and diet culture. Resolutions can be fine and useful, but I’m just not into them. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, so I decided to take some time to write affirmations instead. May some of these resonate with you in this moment.

  1. I am powerful.
  2. I am enough.
  3. I am whole.
  4. I am a force for good.
  5. I am deeply kind.
  6. I am deeply compassionate.
  7. I empower others.
  8. I treat people well.
  9. I treat myself well.
  10. I allow myself to be known.
  11. I accept my vulnerabilities.
  12. I recognize my strengths.
  13. I give advice only when it’s solicited.
  14. I share my time with people who value it.
  15. I create, share, and enforce boundaries.
  16. I place value in protecting myself.
  17. I prioritize my well-being.
  18. I take time to know myself better.
  19. I define myself as I go.
  20. I find joy in little things.
  21. I celebrate my victories.
  22. I celebrate others’ victories.
  23. I am a good listener.
  24. I am a survivor.
  25. I allow myself to thrive.
  26. I allow myself to rest.
  27. I allow myself to change.
  28. I allow others to change.
  29. I allow myself to make mistakes.
  30. I release perfectionism.
  31. I release disappointment.
  32. I release performing.
  33. I release self-doubt.
  34. I release patterns of behavior that no longer serve me.
  35. I embrace opportunity.
  36. I embrace friendship.
  37. I revel in fun and laughter.
  38. I revel in living mindfully.
  39. I revel in living authentically.
  40. I am becoming more myself each day.

Here are some body-based affirmations, too:

  1. I embrace my body as it is.
  2. I choose not to hate my body.
  3. I choose body neutrality.
  4. I accept my body as it is.
  5. I love my body as it is.
  6. I am coming to terms with my body as a friend.
  7. I am developing a healthy relationship with my body.
  8. I choose to appreciate my body.
  9. I am releasing old patterns of self-hatred.
  10. I work to release my internalized fatphobia.
  11. I choose not to make body-based judgments.
  12. I celebrate my body.
  13. I nourish my body.
  14. I trust my body.
  15. I am wholly embodied.

I’d love to hear what affirmations spoke to you or what affirmations you’d add to the list! Feel free to comment or email me at

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