Angry People Do Anger

If you’re fat positive and you’ve written anything about being fat positive online, then you know that it pisses a lot of people off. Hell, if you’re fat, you know that your existence is problematic for some people (aka assholes). I moderate all comments on this site. Very few actually get through moderation. This isn’t a public space. This is my site that I can and will moderate how I damn well please. That infuriates people, too, I’m sure. Get mad, stay mad, whatever. Not my problem, folks.

This is a space for fat positive people to fat it up. This is a space for me, in all my fat glory, to write what I want to write about my experience of living as a fat person, and I’ve chosen to share this space with other fat-bodied folk who want to share about their experience, too. This ain’t the place for folks who are anti-fat to rail about it. I’m sure there’s a subreddit out there for you. Go, shoo.

Do you know how few Internet safe-ish spaces there are for fat folks who are striving to be fat positive/accepting and/or weight neutral? Frankly, we all ought to know that the Internet is never a safe space for anyone, no matter how well moderated or how secure. But, still, why is safety for fat folks such a goddamn threat to you people? Why is it such a travesty to you that we could exist at peace in our bodies?

I’ll tell you why, Angry McFuriousa. You’ve been making shitty downward social comparisons to fat people your whole life; you were trained to do so. And when we fat people don’t live into your downward comparisons, suddenly, your ability to shit on someone else could be upended, and god forbid. You are so threatened by fat people just living their damn lives without shame that you are trying extra hard to remind us of what you think is our place — nowhere. You’d rather we were dead than happy.

So, you come here with specious arguments, your concern trolling, your defensive angry tirades. You attempt to post your hateful, shitty messages. They go into the garbage and are never seen by anyone but me, but, for you, that one fat person has “had” to read your vitriol is enough of a reason for you to post it. How fucking petty.

Your life will rarely be improved by shitting on other people’s lives (exceptions: Nazis, racists). Stop wasting your energy on hate; hate is toxic. Yes, the hate might be hurting the person or people it’s directed at. And maybe that feels good to you. But somewhere deep inside, that hate is a festering wound you keep causing yourself. If it’s enough for you that it’s hurting someone else while it’s hurting you, well, I pity you. That’s just pathetic. You deserve better than that from yourself. Even I, a happy fat person, know that.

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