Fat Spotlight: Bawdy Love

Small photograph of a fat tattooed white woman, face pictured in profile, wearing a black bodysuit under a silver Bawdy love body harness.

Sadly, as of late 2022, Bawdy Love is now defunct, but there is a new brand called Chub Rub Clothing by one of the former Bawdy Love founders!

Bawdy Love just opened a physical storefront in Tacoma, Washington, a few days ago (February 2022), and I’m so excited about it! You can now shop in person, online, or via occasional Instagram Live sales. If you’re not familiar with Bawdy Love, it’s time to get familiar. They are a rad duo, Gwynedh and Candace, who founded the brand in 2016, and you can read more about them here. You can also support them by joining their Patreon.

They make gorgeous lingerie for bodies in sizes from 14-32 and periodically open custom orders, too. We’re talking rad bodysuits, sexy chest harnesses, booty hugging bottoms, and more. Most pieces can be worn as swimwear, too.

They’re super gender inclusive, 100% about celebrating fat folks, and they demonstrate both of the above throughout their creations, language, and photography.

It’s hard to capture the vibrancy and sparkliness of some of the garments in photos, but, whoo, in the sunlight at the store opening, WOWZA! Take, for example, the Leia Bralette in Sparkleberry. I have two pairs of the FUPA Friendly Panty, and I look forward to acquiring other colorways when they come out with more someday.

My best friend recently acquired their first set from Bawdy Love, and, of course, they look absolutely stunning in it! They were quick to say how comfortable they were in it, and that’s something Bawdy Love prides itself on. The fabrics are soft. The strappy materials they use are skin-safe/skin-friendly so that they’re super wearable, and they’re also well-made and durable.

Their sizing follows this guideline: 0/1 (US 14-20), 2/3 (US 18-26), and 4/5 (24-32). I typically wear the 4/5 in their pieces and find they consistently fit me well. For reference, I tend to be a 4-5 in Torrid tops and a 5 in Torrid bottoms.

The prices reflect the quality of the garments, usually ranging from about $85 to about $200 per piece and up from there for a set (top and bottom), but if you catch a sample sale, you can get a great discount! Pro tip: You can also get a discount at certain tiers of the Patreon, along with being among the first to know about upcoming sales and new item releases.

When I put on a Bawdy Love piece, I feel like I gain maximum hotness; I feel embodied, confident, and hella sexy, and I love that for me. I also love it for you, so I hope you’ll check them out and grab something amazing for yourself (or a friend)! Support a brand that proudly supports fat people living as our whole selves!

Upper body photo of a white woman with dark brown hair, wearing purple glasses, looking at the camera, wearing a Bawdy Love Bralette.

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