Fat Positivity Doesn’t Require Self Love

You don't have to love yourself to be fat positive.¬†Fat positivity, in theory and practice, is about justice, not self love. The radical notion that fat bodies are inherently worthy of respect, dignity, and equal treatment challenges systemic anti-fat bias and anti-fat discrimination (aka fatphobia or fatmisia). When fat positivity is co-opted into so-called body... Continue Reading →

Fat Spotlight: Caleb Luna

Caleb Luna (they/them) is a "fat, brown, queer writer, activist, teacher, performer, fat babe and scholar," as described on their page, where you can find links to their social media at the top right. I first came across their work on either The Body is Not an Apology or Everyday Feminism. A binary that implies... Continue Reading →

Affirmations, Not Resolutions

This time of year is rife with "new year/new you" capitalism, much of it steeped in anti-fat rhetoric and diet culture. Resolutions can be fine and useful, but I'm just not into them. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, so I decided to take some time to write affirmations instead.... Continue Reading →

Advocating for Yourself in Healthcare

As a fat person, you've very likely experienced fatphobia and weight stigma when visiting the doctor's office. You deserve better, but since I can't change the medical industry as a whole, I'm here to share some resources that can help you advocate for yourself to receive weight-neutral healthcare. First, you should know about Fat Friendly... Continue Reading →

Holding Space for the Holidays

Holidays can be really challenging, especially when you're spending them with people who are still steeped in diet culture and don't want to get free. There are some good holiday survival posts out there already, so I'll share several links at the end of this post. Reminders for empowerment: Boundaries are healthy. I deserve to... Continue Reading →

Debunking BMI (Hint: It’s trash)

As a fat person, you've been oppressed by a mathematical equation that was never intended to be and is not in any way an actual measure of health. BMI stands for Body Mass Index, and it's how we're sorted into the problematic O-word categories. Other people have already done the work of spelling out how BMI... Continue Reading →

Fat Spotlight: Comfy Fat

J, aka Comfy Fat, is a nonbinary fat activist and uses they/them pronouns. Comfy Fat Website Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube I love how they show up with thoughtful vulnerability and boldness as they write and vlog about being nonbinary and superfat. Their pictures always make me smile, and I especially adore seeing photos of their... Continue Reading →

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