Proclaiming You Are Fat Positive

Note: I specifically don't use the words "coming out" here, because that unnecessarily co-opts a narrative long held by the LGBTQ community. That said, there are, of course, people who are both LGBTQ and fat, myself included. So, you've found fat acceptance and fat positivity and you're ready to publicly acknowledge it. What does that... Continue Reading →

Fat Positive T-Shirts

There's a certain hyper-visibility and simultaneous invisibility to being fat. I like to take my hyper-visibility to another level sometimes by wearing fat positive t-shirts, spreading the good news of fat acceptance and fat positivity. It isn't always comfortable to do so; there are times when I like to use my fat superpower of invisibility... Continue Reading →

How do we build fat community?

Fat positive community is radical, and it's vital for fat people getting and staying free of diet culture and living into fat acceptance and fat positivity. I'm sure I'm not alone, though, in saying that it's really difficult to make new friends as an adult, and building entire communities is even more challenging. Recently, in... Continue Reading →

Fat Spotlight: Hunter Shackelford

Hunter Shackelford (she/they) is a Black fat nonbinary femme and has a great bio on their website. Hunter is also the founder and project director of The Fat Census, which you can read more about here and here. Follow them on social media. They've had a rough year (understatement) and have been posting less often, but... Continue Reading →

My Journey

I am fat, and I have been fat since elementary school. Being fat was very isolating for a very long time. Fat and lonely were almost inextricable, it seemed. Sure, I had friends, but they weren't fat like me. They couldn't relate to my lived experience of being fat, no matter how much they loved... Continue Reading →

Fat Spotlight: Nalgona Positivity Pride

As described on the Nalgona Positivity Pride website, Nalgona Positivity Pride is "a xicana-indigenous body-positive organization that provides intersectional eating disorders education and community-based support for people of color who are struggling with troubled eating and poor body-image," and it was founded by Gloria Lucas, who is "a Xicana womxn from California." NPP has been around since... Continue Reading →

Fat Spotlight: Simone Mariposa

Simone Mariposa has an eponymous website,, and her Instagram and twitter handles are simonemariposa. She blogs on fashion, lifestyle/self help, travel, and beauty. Her most recent post in lifestyle/self help is #5 My Relationship with the Word Fat. Also, she does a great breakdown of the term "BBW," in I am Not Your "BBW": Debunking... Continue Reading →

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