Let’s Fight for Everyone

Hi, friends. I’m Jude. Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite uncomfortable thing to discuss: privilege within the body positive/fat acceptance communities, yay! I know the word “privilege” is loaded and seems to have very nasty connotations, but I am using it because some fat bodies are more privileged than other bodies. Make no mistake that a... Continue Reading →

What Body Positivity Actually Means (or Meant)

"Body positivity" was born in 1996 and has an actual definition and core competencies. Learn about The Body Positive organization's mission and vision here. Explore the competencies here. There's a fantastic article on Everyday Feminism, by Kaila Prins, "Here’s Why the Definition of Body Positivity Isn’t Up for Debate." One of the tenets of body... Continue Reading →

Fat Spotlight: Bevin, Queer Fat Femme

Bevin (she/her), also known as Queer Fat Femme, in her Fat Kid Dance Party "About," identifies "as a thought leader in the body positive, body liberation, and fat acceptance movements." Bevin blogs at The Queer Fat Femme's Guide to Life and is the founder of the aforementioned Fat Kid Dance Party, which is a reclamation of... Continue Reading →

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