Fat Spotlight: Caleb Luna

Caleb Luna (they/them) is a "fat, brown, queer writer, activist, teacher, performer, fat babe and scholar," as described on their page, where you can find links to their social media at the top right. I first came across their work on either The Body is Not an Apology or Everyday Feminism. A binary that implies... Continue Reading →

Fat Spotlight: Nalgona Positivity Pride

As described on the Nalgona Positivity Pride website, Nalgona Positivity Pride is "a xicana-indigenous body-positive organization that provides intersectional eating disorders education and community-based support for people of color who are struggling with troubled eating and poor body-image," and it was founded by Gloria Lucas, who is "a Xicana womxn from California." NPP has been around since... Continue Reading →

Fat Spotlight: Simone Mariposa

Simone Mariposa has an eponymous website, SimoneMariposa.com, and her Instagram and twitter handles are simonemariposa. She blogs on fashion, lifestyle/self help, travel, and beauty. Her most recent post in lifestyle/self help is #5 My Relationship with the Word Fat. Also, she does a great breakdown of the term "BBW," in I am Not Your "BBW": Debunking... Continue Reading →

Fat Spotlight: Bevin, Queer Fat Femme

Bevin (she/her), also known as Queer Fat Femme, in her Fat Kid Dance Party "About," identifies "as a thought leader in the body positive, body liberation, and fat acceptance movements." Bevin blogs at The Queer Fat Femme's Guide to Life and is the founder of the aforementioned Fat Kid Dance Party, which is a reclamation of... Continue Reading →

Fat Spotlight: Fat Heffalump

Kath, aka Fat Heffalump, blogged for a decade and is still a fat activist. The most recent post is from May 2018, titled "Why I Don't Blog Anymore." Here are three posts that I recommend: Internalised Fatphobia is Still Fatphobia Not Now, Not Ever Fat Activism is Not About Your Boner Kath also has a... Continue Reading →

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