Nope Nope Nope-ity Nope

Dearest reader, This may come as a shock, but you cannot participate in intentional weight loss AND actually be fat positive. Intentional weight loss, hereafter IWL, is antithetical to fat positivity. IWL is LITERALLY anti-fat. It's about losing fatness. That is fatphobic. You cannot be actively anti-fat and fatphobic and actually be fat positive! Now,... Continue Reading →

Fat Spotlight: Hunter Shackelford

Hunter Shackelford (she/they) is a Black fat nonbinary femme and has a great bio on their website. Hunter is also the founder and project director of The Fat Census, which you can read more about hereĀ and here. Follow them on social media. They've had a rough year (understatement) and have been posting less often, but... Continue Reading →

The Language of Thin Privilege

Male privilege and white privilege are more broadly familiar concepts than thin privilege, and the basic idea is similar: thin or not-fat bodies have unearned societal benefits because of their thinness or not-fat-ness. The language of thin privilege may be something you've been searching for words for your whole life as a fat person, so... Continue Reading →

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