Let’s Fight for Everyone

Hi, friends. I’m Jude. Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite uncomfortable thing to discuss: privilege within the body positive/fat acceptance communities, yay! I know the word “privilege” is loaded and seems to have very nasty connotations, but I am using it because some fat bodies are more privileged than other bodies. Make no mistake that a... Continue Reading →

Advocating for Yourself in Healthcare

As a fat person, you've very likely experienced fatphobia and weight stigma when visiting the doctor's office. You deserve better, but since I can't change the medical industry as a whole, I'm here to share some resources that can help you advocate for yourself to receive weight-neutral healthcare. First, you should know about Fat Friendly... Continue Reading →

Proclaiming You Are Fat Positive

Note: I specifically don't use the words "coming out" here, because that unnecessarily co-opts a narrative long held by the LGBTQ community. That said, there are, of course, people who are both LGBTQ and fat, myself included. So, you've found fat acceptance and fat positivity and you're ready to publicly acknowledge it. What does that... Continue Reading →

Five Fat Positive Podcasts

Here are five fat positive podcasts that I know of personally: Fat Face Feelings (Active) She's All Fat (Active) The Fat Lip (Not currently active, but archive is accessible) Bad Fat Broads (Not currently active, but archive is accessible) Matter of Fat (just finished the first season) Here are two links to articles that include links... Continue Reading →

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